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Renovation of Kiiminki Downtown Finished by Autumn

News in english 1.6.2012 9:49

The work to renovate the municipal heart of Kiiminki has proceeded onto the surface-work phase. The underground work in the town center was finished last year. This summer will see asphalting, landscaping and pavement work in the town. Seppo Saarinen, a developer from Ramboll Finland Oy, says that the work is progressing on schedule.

“The work on the central areas will be finished by the end of September. We started the surface work about three weeks ago, and we’ll continue throughout the summer, Mondays to Fridays.”

Work to upgrade the town’s infrastructure is also being done outside the town proper, including a new bridge on Opintie Road to better connect the outskirts of town.

According to Saarinen, the municipal center will be beautiful and functional in relation to traffic. The needs of public transportation, too, have been taken into account.
Many of the details in the new center are the inspirations of the architects. The building materials, too, are meant to accentuate the uniqueness of downtown Kiiminki.

During the summer, construction work will likely inconvenience traffic in the downtown area. Several detours will be in use, and special arrangements will have to be made regularly, says Saarinen.

“For the local residents, the construction has really been a bee in their bonnet for a long time. I think the entrepreneurs and residents are really looking forward to the day when the renovation is complete and the machines and dust are no longer bothering them.”
Amongst other inconveniences, clouds of dust are a created when curbs are being installed. But fixes to the problem are being sought with attempts to bind the dust with salt.
“The situation improves every day,” says Saarinen.

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